Sunday, February 15, 2009

Game Changed (Again): Half Life: Escape From City 17

By now, most everyone in the blogosphere has seen this short film by the Purchase Bros:

Certainly Warren Ellis has seen it and has called "Game Just Changed."

Fair enough. And yes I agree - the game has changed. It's called the future.

How they did it is not the point. People are wailing and moaning and gnashing teeth about how MANY favors they called in to get the compositing done, that it isn't exactly like the game (what movie is, you wank?), and so forth.

The fact is - THEY got it done while you were sitting on your "potato chip and ice cream" fed ass asking for someone to do just what they've done - make a movie based on your favorite video game (or comic, or toy, or tv show, or sex doll that doesn't even love you back).


(not only that - they did it well)

That's pulp filmmaking. It's this. This and yes, this.

It's getting it done and not bemoaning the fact you don't have any money to pay everyone. It's ingenuity, creativity and persistence.

See what these wanks who are complaining fail to realize is that ANYBODY can do it if they have the money and equipment. It takes genius to get it done for little-to-no-money. There were all those comments that the Bros. had this equipment and that equipment with which to composite and build the CGI.

No, they didn't have any of that.

They just had the guts to get it done.