Thursday, March 05, 2009

An Inspirational Moment With Your Mad Pulp Bastard...

Many people have been discussing the dire state of indie film and ask me:

"How are we going to survive?!"

(Said many a time with a "Save us Mad Pulp Bastard, Save us!" tone)

Well, let's face the fact there's no easy answer to any of this, except that we have to go out and find what works for each of us. I personally don't think we are in dire straits, we're in an economic recession and we have to do the workaround wherever we can - finding work, building relationships, building value - all of it. We have to build a better mousetrap (something I will discuss when I dissect the ANGEL OF DEATH series) and quit "old" thinking.

So to kick off the new way of looking at film (maybe we should kill that word and just call it digital media. Most of us aren't shooting film.) I offer this:

We aren't alone. (PDF Download)

I urge you all to read this. I urge you to seek inspiration. I urge you to keep the faith.


Trevor B. Cunningham said...

thanks for posting that. I try to live by it.

Anonymous said...

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TheGamut said...

Wow. Talk about timing. It is a post about being smarter in today's economy with a comment about going out and gambling according to the stars. Brilliant!

Anyway: I find it to be a sad thing when it takes something like this to make people sit up and listen. People should be smarter with money regardless instead of spending beyond their means (and being allowed to thanks to the regulations) and should be owning up to their mistakes and being smart enough (and willing) to fix those mistakes.

On the other: Gambling can be fun, but that is the limit it should be. One should not rely on luck as a financial stance. I don't understand money, but even I know this much.

Anonymous said...

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