Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Latinos more likely to download movies and music.

"Content providers have an opportunity to take advantage of a Latino population whose adoption of the Internet has grown at a faster pace over the past five years then the general population, and whose adoption of broadband is increasing lockstep with the rest of the country. About 54% of Latino consumers used the Internet last year, compared with 69% of the overall population.

"Younger Hispanics are avid content downloaders," according to a statement from Scarborough, a joint venture between Nielsen and Arbitron. "Downloaded material—from videogames to podcasts—could be a way that Hispanics are interacting with media content for the first time."

As good an excuse as any to make a cool lucha-styled movie. You up for it Drew ? (after we get done with this one we're currently working on of course!)


Andrew Bellware said...

Heck, we'll just dub the one we're working on and get right in there! ;-)

Lindsay Stewart said...

i totally love the organ music on that, it reminds me of the spy shows i watched when i was a kid. i also snickered at the shadow of the camera on the trunk of the car. a lesson i learned when reviewing footage i'd shot at the necropolis of glasgow cathedral. keep an eye on the shadows d'oh.