Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Watchmen Debate from Nikki Finke


[And let me point out that Nikki asks, "What price fidelity?" when a feature film version of the story is not faithful]

Once the pic opened, “either you were familiar with the source material, or you had trouble following the bouncing ball,” one studio marketing exec analyzed for me. Exit polling showed that the audience didn't really like the movie (as shown by a Cinemascore of only "B"). "Alan Moore always said that Watchmen the graphic novel couldn’t be successfully made into a movie. Maybe he was right. Because, at the end of the day, Zack Snyder’s slavish attention to detail in making Watchmen such a literal translation is what ultimately doomed the film. He cared more about the appeasement of the fanboys than in a cohesive, coherent movie meant for everyone.”

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Clockworkjoe said...

Synder I think wanted to appease the fanboys because fanboy word of mouth drive audiences to the theaters. However, since it would be impossible to please all of the fanboys without making it a 12 part miniseries, Watchmen was doomed from the moment it began.