Monday, July 27, 2009

George Bailey has Nothing on Me

Thanks to all of you in the Legion who have responded to my message
yesterday. While we haven't nearly reached the goal, I feel like
the richest man in town. I am sure many more of you will
respond today as they find my urgent message in their InBox.

[I also feel like the local PBS station]

Many of you have responded with words of support, ideas and actions
that lets me know there's an audience out there hungry for good
entertainment they can use and to which they can contribute. That's
been the core business plan from the start and it's good to know that
our plan is meeting with such a terrific response. Thank you.

Knowing you are out there helps. Don't be shy.

Many people want the option to subscribe and that suggests a lot -
payment options, good customer service and just listening to what
the consumer is saying. As I've said before, a good company of this sort
must cultivate users instead of just readers.

I will answering your emails personally, but overall:

1. Most would subscribe if they could save money and the product was
what they wanted.
2. Yes, posters and prints are part of the plan. Especially from artists
who want to do something different than their usual comic magazine work.
3. As far as genres go, we will be open to publishing and developing
works in a variety of genres - especially if it opens our label up to bringing
in more users. Horror, Cliffhanger action, Spy-Fi, Westerns, Sci-Fi, Adventure.
4. If we do reprint public domain material it will be with the intent of adding
as much value to the property as possible. Illustrations, articles, photos, Omnibus editions, etc...
5. Clothing, especially unusual clothing (Angela!) is also in the plan.
But if you buy it, you must send us a picture of you (or the person you bought it for)wearing it.
6. We will be developing strategic partnerships with other publishers,
advertisers, and others.

All designed to give you good entertainment, cheap!

Thank you all again. Please spread the word. While it says "Donations"
on the button, I am considering all of this an "Investment."


**If you would like to make an investment in the future of pulp media, please go to the top button on the sidebar and donate. We thank you for your support. It's Paypal, so you know it's secure.


Angela N. Hunt said...

YAY! :) LOL And don't worry, I'll send lots and lots of pictures.

Angela N. Hunt said...

Sorry. The above is from me, Angela.