Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now They're MockBusting TV Shows and Pulps!

Our friends at The Asylum just released the trailer for their latest epic THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT based on the public domain novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

(You can read or listen to more of his works here)
However to cover their bases they are positioning the trailer to appeal to fans of a certain TV show that will conclude in 2010.

Smart planning:

Public domain properties
Marketing resembling a certain ABC TV show
Low budget


deepstructure said...

very smart. use a similar property to mockbust a current film. those guys are crafty. i think i remember seeing this version.

*grumble* blogger needs to get with the times and recognize http links.*/grumble*

joel wyatt said...

Asylum. No matter how many times they burn me, I just keep going back for more! From the sheer volume of their output, sooner or later they're going to make a kick ass movie - even if it's on accident.

I can't help but wonder, though... does this REALLY work? I mean, I get "Transmorfers" and their "War of the Worlds" (for the "I thought it was the real thing" factor)and snakes on a plane (for the "lets get baked and watch this" factor). But stuff like this, or their Allen Quartermain movie ("the hero that inspired Indiana Jones"). But this is clearly not the real thing. Are people really biting?

joel wyatt said...

(I mean, yeah, *I* bite - but that's more because I'm interested in seeing if they'll take the sort of chances with a popular work that Hollywood never would)

Cunningham said...

War of the Worlds (Asylum) version was a bit closer to the book, but not much.

Snakes on a Train - similar title, supernatural story.

They keep making movies so people DO bite into it. It's like getting a sandwich from a fast food place instead of a restaurant. Same basic ingredients, but made more quickly.

Asylum movies are cheeseburgers - fast, satisfying ...and over a billion served worldwide.