Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Science Is Pulpular...

When it's accessible and presented in an easy-to-use format. Used to be that you had to go to the library to get a free copy of POPULAR SCIENCE magazine... and even then you couldn't photocopy stuff out of it. Now, all you need is a good wifi connection and you can read and understand and apply.

Google Books - the controversial service from Google - has partnered with Popular Science to make all issues of the magazine available online. Here's the issue from my birth (which has a Lucky Strike cigarette ad inside the front cover. Can't have 1960's science without nicotine right?)

(And yes, I AM old. I'm also good. I will also disembowel you with a glance)

If our generation is going to count for anything at all, if we are going to make a difference, if we are going to restore the ideals of value and innovation and craft to the entertainment industry (in all its forms) then we need to get ourselves back on the track of making stuff.

That's not going to be easy. It's going to take access to information. It's going to take sharing. It's going to take dedication. It's going to take overcoming that fear that you're somehow not good enough. That you can't.

(Yes, before someone else says it - I do sound like an Obama speech)

I am telling you right now that YOU CAN. IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH.

The tools are shiny and sharp on on the workbench. The networks are building. Information is flowing. And believe it or not there are alot of people who are in your corner rooting for you. When one succeeds we all succeed. When one fails we all fail, and we all learn and grow from it.

So what have you made lately?

Here endeth the sermon.


Jon Molly said...

Thanks for the inspiration. As nice as it is to hear from folks on the sidelines (family, friends, etc.) it is doubly so to hear from somebody else running the same race as you.

Today, during post-production of a short film, I made mistakes - the last time I will make those particular mistakes. I've only just begun, so my current project is no great shakes. But I'm learning a tremendous amount, and the stuff that doesn't work will never be repeated.

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