Friday, July 24, 2009

This Will Be Me One Day...Soon

H/T to Boing Boing & Kid Schlocko:

On my way to my neighborhood auto parts store one morning, I saw a diminutive, shabby, bearded man standing by the side of the road with an armload of papers. As I approached, I saw a sign: "$1 Stories." Excited, I fished a dollar out from my pants somewhere and handed it to him out the window; I think he fanned out his stack of stories to let me pick, but he may have just handed me one at random. I can't really remember, and it doesn't matter, since so far everything I've read of his has been great in its own odd way.


jimhenshaw said...

Which guy in the story is you again?

Cunningham said...

"Pulp! Pulp for Sale! Get your pulp here!"