Thursday, August 20, 2009


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HATE the voice over. It detracts in most instances and only marginally enhances in others. I can't believe that a gun-toting, whipcrack of a heroine like this would have this sort of "voice" in her inner monologue. The narration is meant to sound important and artistic and that's precisely why it doesn't work. The action camerawork could be a bit better, but the storyline moves well and the production design is well thought out. It's a good location and could look especially creepy at night.

I'll say check it out.


Andrew Bellware said...

They do come ever so close to getting it exactly right, don't they? Great idea. Looks great. Yeah, the action could have that "we worked one more day on it so we could get that right" quality.
Oddly, the performances of the secondary characters seems to be dead on. Shows you how all acting is in the voice, don't it?

Andrew Bellware said...

I mean, the performances of many of the secondary characters. Not all.