Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost Treasures

Been talking to the boys today, revising some of the BROTHER BLOOD artwork and going over the philosophy behind it. Don's written a slam bang, groovy cool late sixties piece of pulp that is just the kind of thing that I haunt garage sales and used book stores for... lost treasure.

And that got me thinking that there's all sorts of books people have picked up here and there in their lives - the buried treasures - that they've held onto.

So I put it to the gallery: What lost treasure book have you found at a garage sale or book store that you've held onto?


Paul Bishop said...


Cunningham said...

Yeah - I found this on Heidi MacDonald's THE BEAT. Imagine if this had become the standard for Action comics instead of Superman.

We'd be living in a much different world.

But back to the Q:

What books have you uncovered at a garage sale or used bookstore that you HAD to have and read right then and there?

Michael Brown said...

There are probably several for me, as I hit used bookstores and the like. There are many books I collect and look for (even keeping a list). Probably started when I got into Doc Savage, as well as other SF stuff.

So here is one: The Mad Scientist Club. This is a collection of short juvenile sf stories (back in print from Purple Prose Press, along with 3 others in the series). About a small group of kids in the mid-west into science and discovery, having interesting stuff happen to them in their little town. Disney even did an adaptation of one story for the Disney TV show. There were 2 collections of stories published (I got them from Scholastic Book Club). The author wrote 2 novels which by and large has only appeared from Purple Prose.

Jon Molly said...

The Mad Scientists Club is a great series! I found three battered copies of Sergio Aragones' comic, Groo, at a garage sale a few months back.