Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every Scifi Pulp Action Movie ...

needs fight music. That is, the soundtrack you hear in your head as you write the fight scenes - fists flying, leaps over tables, bottles crashing over heads, cars crashing, flying out the window on a curtain only to swing around and come back in to the fight.

Then of course with my just-completed Scifi project FLY BY NIGHT there's the additional rayguns blasting, zeppelins roaring past skyscrapers as they patrol overhead, wings flapping, battle cries, eye goggles askew, perilous falls toward doom and so on...

(The kitchen sink is in there somewhere)

But no matter what movie it is - you hear something in your own mind that captures the momentum and feeling you want to convey in your picture. Here's the feeling we're trying to capture for the action scenes in Fly By Night:

Bellware adds to the mix here.

Yes, Red Tide is an obvious influence - not only with the film noir visuals, but with the use of structural "frames." This IS a comic book movie we are making here.

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