Monday, October 26, 2009

Pulp Sales are Never Done

Big thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pulp HQ this weekend and walked away with some pulp-tacular material. I am extending the big honkin' pulp sale through the week because:

We still have a lot to go through.

This week come by the abode between 6-8 (after work) or drop by on Saturday Morning (October 31) after 8 AM and pour through:

  • Serial Lobbycard reprints
  • Film books - out of print stuff, classics, rare books, serial adv. books, Republic Confidential supplement, etc...
  • Pulp books - The Spider (Baen), James Van Hise books, A Steranko "Unseen Shadows" book.
  • Fumetti - Dylan Dogs, Zora, Martin Mystery, Nathan Never, Diabolik, others...
  • Manga (only $1 each book)
  • Comics
  • Art books - Watchmen, New Frontier, Retroactive, Brian Bolland, Dave Stevens' Vamps & Vixens,
  • DVDs - indies, screeners (only $1 each)
  • Magazines (Cinemagic mags, From Parts Unknown, Serial World, Playboy)
  • Paperbacks (The Avenger pulp reprints, Weird Heroes, Darkman paperbacks)

I even have this (at my office - contact me for details)

More stuff here (partial list including contact details).

(That way I can set stuff aside for you!)

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