Monday, October 05, 2009

Report From Them's That's Pulpin': Rico Lowry

Good buddy and director of the fabulous DESTINATION MARS and MONARCH OF THE MOON, Richard "Rico" Lowry sent me a note I'm passing along to you guys:

Been a while, thought I'd update you on my nutty activities...

We completed a rough cut of RAPTURE a while ago and hooked up with Paul Ottosson (sound designer for the Spiderman films) and a post production supervisor, Jack Schuster (Juno) who both saw the cut and came on board as partners. They're bringing in a visual effects team and will bolster the soundtrack to give the movie higher production values. We'll be taking it to AFM.

With Rapture wrapping up, we're already developing my next project QUICKFIRE, a martial arts action/thriller that we plan to shoot in Slovakia or Bulgaria. To better showcase the project, we shot a 'mock' trailer. To see it, check out the site at

The current trailer for RAPTURE is at:

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