Thursday, October 01, 2009

This has Been My Experience As Well...

From Denny O'Neil at Bleeding Cool :

Sorry. Writing is self-taught. You acquire the skill by applying the seat of your pants to a flat object and moving a stylus across paper or tapping a keyboard, and you continue to do that until someone begins paying you to do it, and then you spend the rest of your life teaching yourself how to do what you’re doing. It is often a lonely life–you can get help before and after, but not during–and if the notion of closing a door behind you and manipulating verbal and visual language for many hours every week is abhorrent to you, then perhaps you would be happy applying your skill and intelligence and enthusiasm elsewhere.


Add to this that life is going to get in the way, try to derail you at every turn, and will sometime succeed for the moment. But if it wins in the end and you stop writing don't whine. You weren't a writer. It's all right.

But if you keep getting up off the mat and get back in the fight then you need to work on your one-two combination and your upper cut.

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