Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look Down...

At the bottom of the blog here and you'll see a nice little "Pulp Newsstand" from the folks over at Issuu.
I will be updating it from time to time allowing you to peruse (for free!) some of the mags on the Bastard's shelf.

As the holidays slow things to a crawl here in Hollywood, I will be sprucing up the joint a bit (adding some new functions, getting rid of the crap and so forth) so I can organize you pulpsters into the massive legion of creatives I know you to be.

In other news, I am pulling notes and resources for the forthcoming Pulp Legion Electrogram on how you can (and should) harness new media for your projects. This one's a big one - worthy of its own book - so bear with me.

I will be having coffee today with another new media creator and pundit - Jill Golick - who is visiting La La land from Canada. I am certain it will be a brain-busting good time.

So until next time, hang out at the newsstand below, flip through the rags and maybe buy some candy from vendor.

I have nefarious work to do...

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