Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lessons I've Learned From Pulp

In reviewing the year and placing my thoughts toward the new year I decided to make a list of everything I've learned from my experience writing, publishing, producing, and promoting pulp media. I have to add that 'media' bit at the end because in the world of Pulp 2.0 - Pulp is not just books anymore.

1. Entertain first and often...

2. Make your pulp colorful, enticing and distinctive. Audiences do judge a book (or DVD, or magazine) by its cover.

3. It doesn't matter that it's cheaply printed - it matters whether or not its been read.

4. Forget about awards. Cater to your audience - that's your reward.

5. Sex sells. Sexy sells better because it sells to both men and women.

6. There are a lot of pulps at the news stand. Ask yourself what makes yours better because you can't just aim to be as good as the next guy. You have to be better than the rest of the herd otherwise you'll be looking at assholes all day until the hammer swings down.

7. Be quick about it. Pulp waits for no one. Deadlines are there to tell you that you have to get better.

8. Pulp doesn't ask for permission. Pulp knows no fear except the deadline.

9. To some, pulp will always be a 4-letter word.

10. Pulp is built on imagination. Feed and water regularly.

11. At the end of the day if you don't make money - you lose.

12. He who controls the distribution controls the content.

13. Never cheat your audience. They deserve your best effort.

14. Readers will try you out once for the action and the premise. They will return to you for the characters.

15. Everything is a first draft.

16. Pulp follows trends then surpasses them.

17. Never underestimate the value of a happy ending.

18. Pulp is not a genre, it's an attitude. Only the sweetest, juiciest heart of the story and no more.


BobbyNash said...

Amen, brother.
Happy New Year.


Paul Bishop said...

Great list. Right on the money, man. Have a great, PULPISH, 2010!

Jon Molly said...

And thanks for an inspirational 2009.

Caine said...

Nice list!
Looking forward to next year.

DecoderRing said...


Zenchukovskiy said...

Oh my God! The pictures scare me! How can you read about it! I should better write my bibliography