Tuesday, December 08, 2009

RedBox To Destroy Entertainment Industry?

Read the report here. (PDF)

I have read this backward and forward and am having a tough time with some of the conclusions they come to, and some of the assumptions they make that flies in the face of other evidence that's out there.

(Granted some of that evidence is anecdotal)

The report is designed from the ground up to determine economic impact on SoCal, but unfortunately doesn't paint a clear picture because it uses words like "unpredictability" in making some of its statements, and castigates RedBox while acknowledging that Netflix performs a similar function.

So is it Redbox with it's cheaper rentals that's hurting the entertainment industry or is it a fundamental shift in consumer spending and habits and a lack of responsiveness on the part of the studios in forging new markets?

Paula Wagner had this to say over at Variety .

As an indie producer, Wagner said she's very focused on finding the best way to deal with the exponential growth in distribution options for pics.

"The real issue now is distribution channels," she said. "We need to know what size screen we're working for."

The movie biz has always faced dynamic changes - from the dawn of talkies to the 1948 breakup of the majors and their exhibition holdings - but the transformation underway in the present day are staggering, Wagner said.

"We are in a seismic revolution in the movie business," she said. But the good news is, as domestic B.O. approaches the $10 billion mark, the aud's appetite for movies shows no sign of slowing down.

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