Friday, January 15, 2010

They Have You Covered Over at Covered Blog

There's always room for improvement or interpretation - it's the nature of the beast when you're dealing with creative endeavors. There's not a moment that passes by when you look at something and the critical, left-side of your brain and say, "If only I had done this..."  Perhaps you look at someone else's work and see how you could apply your personal view to the work. "You know, this could be really funny (or tragic, or scary)  if you did this..."

And the internet has only made that process faster and widespread.

One only has to look at the plethora of variations of the famous Obama "Hope" campaign poster or the musical work of Pamplamoose  to get the point - give someone a template and they will use that as a launchpad to express their personal view, or add to the canon of the original work.  It works because the audience is able to access the original work and see what the artist, writer, musician, costumer, film maker has added to, or edited out of the original work.

That sense of creative revisionism has finally invaded the comics art thinkspace with the blog COVERED.

It's here that comic book artists and designers rethink classic comic book covers adding their own design aesthetic to the original art template.  For example (because it embraces a pulp aesthetic) is artist/designer Paul Sizer's revision of SPIDERWOMAN #1:

There's plenty more fun over at Covered, so feel free to go over and browse. You may also want to head over to Warren Ellis' internet hole WHITECHAPEL and see some of the remake/remodel's of public domain characters he's initiated over there.

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