Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BROTHER BLOOD Cover in Progress

Sitting on my worktable is the cover proof for our upcoming premiere Pulp 2.0 Press release, BROTHER BLOOD  (Unfortunately, you can't hear the ghoulish glee in my inner voice as I type this).

This is the first English-language release for BB - a blood-soaked, blaxploitation, horror monsterpiece set in 1969's Sunset Strip. The book is written by Donald F. Glut.

(An earlier version premiered in the 70's German Horror magazine HORROR, but this is an expanded  370+ pages version available for the first time in English)

Cover art by Nik Macaluso.

I will be reviewing the book proof in the next week or so when it arrives here at Pulp 2.0 HQ.  As we move toward the official launch (opening up the Createspace and Amazon stores, issuing press releases and starting our Facebook page) I will give you some behind-the-scenes fun facts about this and some of our other upcoming releases.

Any comments, questions, quips, quotes or conundrums may be left here in the comments section.


barsoomcore said...

What a fantastic cover! Man, that makes me want to go to the nearest used-book store and prowl the shelves. So awesome.

Cunningham said...

Thank you, sir. You hit the nail on the head with the vibe of our books:

Lost treasures you used to only be able to find after long quests through used bookstores and ebay.

BobbyNash said...

Looking great, Bill. I'm excited to see the finished product.


Roger Alford said...

Bravo, Bill! That looks excellent. Major congrats!

David said...

Sexy as hell! Makes me want to self-publish even more now.

Luke H said...

I love these behind the scenes glimpses of your projects -- looks great!!

I'd love to hear all about the history of the project and it's previous publication. The more the better as it sounds like you are really saving a lost treasure.

Cunningham said...

Luke -

We have an 'extras' section in every one of our print books detailing the history behind each title. Just like a good DVD.

Don has written the twisted history of BROTHER BLOOD and I've written a piece on why I started a publishing business in the first place.

Other extras you can count on for future titles will include:

Interviews with Don, old photos and press of him and his friends (Forry Ackerman, et al), How our artists put together the Pulp 2.0 Press book covers, previews of upcoming titles, pics of the old covers, reviews and essays, etc...

Everything a fan wants to know about the book he's just read and the books coming his way.

Luke H said...


Um, that sounds AMAZING! I really think that works of fiction are almost like living breathing things in they have their own history of creation and (eventually anyways) a post publication history as well. It sounds like these extras will really communicate that and I can't be enthusiastic enough about how cool I think that approach is!