Tuesday, February 23, 2010


MARS - The Movie [HD Trailer] from Geoff Marslett on Vimeo.

An indie production using "off-the-shelf" software to give their film the look of a graphic novel.

More here.


Andrew Bellware said...

On their site they say that they used a "unique animation process". Were they just using ToonIt?

Cunningham said...

Looks like Toonit with some additional CGI elements that they animated, matted/layered into their Greenscreen and "tooned".

Cunningham said...

It looks exactly like when I go to "Filters" then "Posterize / Poster Edges" in Photoshop.

Andrew Bellware said...

You're right about poster edges. The thing that ToonIt does, from what I've seen, is that it keeps the edges from "dancing" in an unnatural manner and makes the footage look more drawn -- Mars, to my eye, seems more drawn and less "dancy".