Monday, February 01, 2010

The Pulpable Feast: What's Been on my Plate

Had an interesting solitary weekend working on BROTHER BLOOD - editing the InDesign document and tweaking the book's cover. All of this prior to compiling the chapter files into one document and uploading it to Createspace.

Ah yes, the glamor of the publishing business.

(Thanks go to Rashad for the electro-mechanical assist via email) 

But really, I'm a bit of a control freak on these things and it has been a learning experience working on the files myself. The second book will go much more quickly as I know what works and what's shit. It also gives me the confidence to say, "If I can do this, then with a bit of practice you can too." It's all about making a decision and giving a crap about how the final product looks.

I've decided to work on getting the print editions out first, then work on the digital formatting for other venues like Kindle and so forth. This is due in no small part to the immaturity of the digital market (on soooo many levels) and the need to work on our marketing plan.

In between all this - when my eyes stop bleeding - I'm wrapping up a few short stories, an outline for a graphic novel/mini-series, a web serial proposal and of course, the project I'm working on with Bill Martell.

I'm also going to shoot out a short Pulp Legion Electrogram (wow, that sounded sexual) before my dreaded birthday at the end of the month.

More rants later related to making decisions and giving a crap.

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