Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just In Case You Didn't Know...

What my role as "Mad Pulp Bastard" entails within the corporate structure of the Pulp 2.0 Press empire, and how we're different than the other guys out there;   I leave you  with the words of one of my partners in Pulp - Don Glut.  He was recently interviewed by THE SAVAGE CRITICS:

So, while all of the foregoing was going on, the comics, the kid’s cartoons and the filmmaking, you’re also an author of numerous books, the novelization of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, numerous non-fiction books about dinosaurs primarily, but also a good number of pulp horror titles.  I know that the great GROOVY AGE OF HORROR blog is particularly fans of your 1970’s eleven-novel series, NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN, most of which were only available in Spanish and German until recently

PULP 2.0 Press is now re-releasing, BROTHER BLOOD, a book you wrote in 1969, a “horror ‘blaxploitation’ novel set in 1969 Los Angeles in and around the world famous landmarks of the Sunset Strip,” again previously published in German.  What is it about these novels that you think are inspiring people to bring them back into print (or into print in English for the first time), decades later?

In the case of Pulp 2.0 Press, publisher Bill Cunningham is presenting them in some very creative formats. Bill is looking at these books as “productions” rather than “publications,” and as movie productions come out on DVD with all sorts of bonus features, so will these books.
What people expect of vampires seems to have changed a lot in recent years– the big trend in vampires has been guys alive hundreds of years hitting on high-school aged girls, which people seem to find romantic instead of sad, somehow.  How do you think BROTHER BLOOD will fit into the “current landscape”?

It’s a very traditional vampire story, so maybe it won’t fit in. There’s no scene where some vampire hunter tells someone, “Now forget everything you ever knew about vampires. They can come out during the day, they’re not affected by crosses, they do cast reflections,” etc. The vampires in BROTHER BLOOD play by the old rules. And the book is very retro. No homo-eroticism, no lesbian vampires, and so forth.

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