Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Canon 7D Camera Package: News You Can Use

Jeremy Redleaf the creator of the Streamy nominated ODD JOBS contributes an article in today's TUBEFILTER NEWS that will be of interest to those who are looking to shoot their own web series:

Ladies and gentleman, I’m happy to report that there is officially no longer an excuse for poor technical quality on a web series.

Retailing at approximately $1600 plus lenses (and renting for about $100 for the weekend in NYC), this SLR-Camera is making a lot of noise in traditional and new media production circles: SNL’s new opening sequence, Robert Rodriguez, and high profile web shows like Continuum TV, Vuguru’s The Booth, and Anthony Zuiker’s Level 26 are all taking it out for a spin.

The 7D is a game-changer, but it’s not perfect. Here’s everything you need to know to shoot successfully:

Essential Equipment

  • Canon 7D Camera
  • Two 32GB CompactFlash Cards (minimum 133x speed)
  • CF Card Reader
  • 4 Canon Batteries & Charger
  • The 24-70 Canon L-Series Zoom Lens
  • Tripod or Monopod
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Portable Digital Audio Recorder (Recommended: Zoom H4N or Tascam Dr-100
  • Boom and/or wireless mics
  • Slate
  • The Super-Flat Setting Download (Install this setting to allow for greater range of color correcting)
  • Really nice things to have if you can spend a little more
  • RedRock Digital Cinema Bundle
  • Follow Focus, Matte Box, 15mm support system, pistol grips)
  • or Zacuto Bundle
  • External HDMI Monitor
  • Set of Prime lenses (Canon, Nikon, or Zeiss)
  • .3, .6, .9 ND Filters (for outdoor shooting)
  • Professional Anton Baur or IDX V-Mount batteries

Personnel Needed

  • A DP who knows what he’s doing
  • A 1st AC to pull focus & tech
  • Field Sound Operator


With 1080p HD quality, full raster, and the ability to use inexpensive prime lenses for that film-like shallow depth-of-field, the 7D is the absolute bang for your buck. Not only is it incredibly affordable on the front-end, the camera also performs phenomenally well in low-light situations which opens up the possibility of using some practicals and renting a smaller lighting equipment package.
 Go to the link above to read the rest of the article including looking at sample footage from their web series.  I would also suggest looking at this Google Search to see test footage demonstrating the dynamic range of this camera.

We're at the point now where we've demonstrated that web series can be a viable form of media making. Now is the time to raise the bar in terms of content and production value. Cameras like the 7D will help raise the production value, it's up to YOU to raise the entertainment value. 

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