Sunday, April 11, 2010

WHO Might This Bastard Be?

Why it's James Moran, writer of episodes of DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD: CHILDREN OF EARTH showing off his copy of BROTHER BLOOD during our meeting at Hollywood's KITCHEN 24 (Good Eats!)  James and director Dan Turner are in town for the 2010 STREAMY AWARDS for their webseries GIRL NUMBER 9. 

James is the kind of writer that makes me want to be a better bastard.


Julie said...

WAY cool that you went to K24 - tried to send James there yesterday before he hurt himself at (urgh) Denny's. Are you the tenant of the flat with the amazing pool view? If you are, what building is that? I'm looking for a loft -- need grand piano room!

Cunningham said...

Nope - not me.

I'm in an industrial building in Echo Park / Atwater Village. My water view is the LA River.