Friday, May 28, 2010

Where Have I Heard This Before? Pt. 2,766

Joe Konrath spent a little time on the web and came up with a list of unknowns doing really well with their Kindle publishing.

What really warms the cockles of this bastard's heart though, is this little missive... missile to the heart of the matter for folks with no reputation and who seek to build their career as a writer:

"Okay, there's twenty. It took me about three minutes to find these folks, simply by surfing Amazon.
Guess what? There are HUNDREDS more. I'd wager that at least one out of every ten books in the Amazon Top 10,000 is a self-pubbed author. But I'm not going to spend my afternoon cutting and pasting links to prove to the world something I already know.

See for yourself. Click on one of the above books, then click on the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" and see how many new authors you find.

Lots, right?

So if these authors don't have platforms, how are they selling so well?

Good cover, good product description, low price.

It doesn't take a well-read blog, a print backlist, and an established fanbase to sell a lot of ebooks."

This is the PULP FORMULA gang! Removing all barriers to a sale.  It not only works with books and comics - it works with movies too!  Especially movies that don't feature STARS or BIG SET PIECES, but have an easy to access story that's entertaining.  As Bill Martell would say, "The story is the star!"

You COULD do it the other way - spend a lot of money on your movie, book theaters, try to get into prestigious festivals like Sundance on the very odd shot you'll make it...

All the while trying to make the payments on the 2nd mortgage you took out to make the movie in the first place.

But really, does that make sense?

Seems like gambling to me.  I'm not a gambler - especially with other people's money. I'd rather surprise the audience who already knows me, and give them something new to appreciate and talk about... and buy.


Lot's going on here at the House that Pulp Built.  I told you that Chris Sharpe and I had a summit meeting a week or so ago, and out of that came some new strategies and some procedures we're putting into place so things go smoother.

We also talked about some really cool stuff that we will be assaulting you with (and you will love us for it!). Putting the pulp formula to work for your benefit:

Good cover, good product and low price in a variety of media. 
Now get out of here, have a great weekend and put your imagination to work. 


Deka Black said...

It takes also a good amount of courage to take the step, i think. Not all people have enough to live the adventure for themselves.

And have a good weekend you too.

Cunningham said...

You don't have to give up the day job to live a creative life. One can learn, craft and eventually be rewarded for their work while still keeping the job that pays the bills.

It's becoming easier and easier all the time.

But you're right - it does take courage for someone to put their work out there... but really, what's to lose?

Deka Black said...

To lose? Only time, and this is thing worth the effort and the risk. Besides, i think too much people think the success is a thin easy reached. And not.

For example, just this week i finished a short story. And i know will need a good amount of work to finish it the proper way. Nut i like it, and is like a son. And a good father takes care of his sons,right?