Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Budget? It's All Good (Machine)

Ted Hope just published a list that circulated around the offices of his former production company Good Machine back in the day.  It's worth reading and modifying for your own needs as it contains nuggets of wisdom lost on most of today's filmmakers...

1. Write to direct. A screenplay, especially a no-budget screenplay is a very loose blueprint for a film – ultimately every choice you make will compromise something else.
2. Write for what you know and for what you can obtain. This goes for actors, locations, animals, and major propping or set dressing. If your friend owns something, anything, write it into the film.
3. Remain flexible. Recognize the essential element in a scene and allow it to take place in a variety of locations or circumstances.

I can't say I agree 100% with everything he says here - I'll let you figure out where my sticking points are - but this is a pretty comprehensive list.  

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Jason Heath said...

I can relate to alot of that list.

#3 jumped out and bit me in the backside on my current production.