Tuesday, September 07, 2010


If you've been checking into the Pulp 2.0 press Facebook page, or Bish's Beat then you know that BROTHER BLOOD is on sale at Amazon's Kindle Store here.

If you haven't checked in to either place, then you are certainly missing out because there have been a few discussions back and forth.  Pulp 2.0 superfan Bobby Craig even posted on the Out Of Print Books Reborn Facebook Group.

Since we discuss all things pulp media here at the Pulp 2.0 HQ, the topic has come up:

What difference does a digital book make anyway?

From my writer-publisher perspective it makes a great deal of difference.

-- Thanks to the opportunities afforded us from digital distribution we can get more books to you faster so you can enjoy them.

-- Thanks to digital distribution I don't have to wait for a print proof.

-- Thanks to digital distribution money gets to the author, artist and me faster and at a greater percentage than print.

-- Thanks to digital distribution books are cheaper for you the consumer. In the case of Brother Blood the $2.99 cost is for 350 pages. THAT'S LESS THAN A PENNY PER PAGE!

-- Thanks to digital distribution our print editions are now elevated to the position they have always deserved - collectible objects d' pulp.  They are book editions jam-packed with extras you won't get anywhere else: pictures, articles, notes, essays and design that takes the pulp aesthetic seriously.

-- Thanks to digital distribution I now sell worldwide.

So yes, digital does make a huge difference in our business plan. So much so that you will be seeing more of them followed by their print counterparts.  To put it in comic book terms: digital is our 'floppy' and print is our trade paperback.

Oh, and speaking of comics.... and of course, comics.

And let's not forget westerns.

Gee, it's all pulp to me!

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