Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Googled Myself (You've done it too, don't try and deny it)

The terms Pulp 2.0 , Mad Pulp Bastard and D2DVD all point to this blog when searched on Google.  They are each in the number one position, especially when combined with my name.

Nifty huh?  Guess I haven't been slacking off as much as I thought.... (Ha!)

I also found some really cool and humbling quotes about me and my little area of the business that are quite lovely.  Thank you all. It gives me the energy to continue my work carving out a recognizable pulp entertainment niche. When the fingers are numb after typing and the eyes are red from staring at designs and fonts all day - and you know the day is only half over it's nice to know you're appreciated in some way shape or form.

Especially when an academic resource website says you're one of the 60 Best Blogs out there.

I first came across Bill Cunningham at his website, Pulp 2.0, a few years ago and was an instant fan. Our paths crossed several times over social networks and we finally spoke when he announced the formation of Pulp 2.0 Press several months ago. 

- Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek

Bill screened my film twice during our long editing process (at the very beginning and very end). Both times he gave absolutely indispensible advice on cuts, music and sound design. If you're making a movie, webserial, short, (or let's face it, ANYTHING you expect people to actually sit through and pay for the privilege to see) you'd be a fool not to consult with him. 

- Lis Fies, The Commune

This is the web home of the Mad Pulp Bastard himself – Bill Cunningham. Even if you’re not interested in pulp or genre filmmaking, his site is a must read. On a daily basis, Bill delves into the business and marketing of film and new media. You should also sign up for his e-mail newsletter where he goes even deeper into these subjects and gives out PDFs of information you won’t find anywhere else.

                                                - Christopher Sharpe, Sex Machine

-- Bill Cunningham, who's been relentlessly preaching "Get of your ass and make your own media", just issued the first chapter of his old school radio play, "The Murder Legion Strikes at Midnight" online.

-  John Rogers, creator / showrunner,  LEVERAGE 

Most interesting to me, though, are the guts of the idea. Joss Whedon blowing his savings account on staging a 45-minute serial for the internet (that will doubtless prove to be i2dvd — internet to dvd — apologies once again to Bill Cunningham for perverting his "d2dvd" coinage)

* (Direct-to-DVD has long interested me, since I made the acquaintance
of DVD pulp king Bill Cunningham. D2DVD is the common search term.
D2DVD still has the stink of straight- to-video on it, mostly because of the potboiler crap that fills the field, but it wouldn't be hard to do something that was actually good
in the area.) 

-- Warren Ellis, writer Red 

So to all of you who make me the mad pulp bastard that I am, thank you.  Not just the wonderful people I've quoted above, but the gang of you who actually listen, and are applying the lessons I've learned toward your heart's desire.  That is so profoundly cool and humbling (I've said that twice now - I am officially obnoxious). Thank you.

So all of you creative types with "a passion for the cult and pulpy" you just keep on doing what you're doing, and...

I'll just keep adding to the discussion wherever I can. Now if you'll excuse me I have to try and fit my head through the door. Anyone have any butter?


Kidsis said...

You're the king of pulp, Bill!!

Deka Black said...

King and teacher. You have teached me a few important things about pulp. And that's very good!

Jhon Davis said...

I love to Google and by chance I did it for my name as well after reading your post. It is somewhat funny but interesting too that because you will come to know so much that Google knows about you and you dont even know it yourself.

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tania said...

@ Jhon you exaggerate bit higher, how can google know more than yourself. It is only possible when you are insane...:)

- Tanya
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