Monday, March 21, 2005

Dimension, where art thou?

From the pages of Video Business:

An article on what the Weinsteins are going to do post- split with Disney. Who gets what in this divorce? Of particular interest is the slate of D2DVD titles waitng to be released from the Dimension side of the former company...

I don't think that Disney will let them get away with taking any of the library, but I also can't imagine Disney releasing these kind of D2DVDs: Two HELLRAISER movies , THE CROW:SALVATION, the Third DRACULA movie in the series or anything else Dimension produced. Not to forget the Project Greenlight pic - FEAST.


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Jeff O'Brien said...

Create some arms length distribution label for edgy stuff - a few notches below Touchstone and Hollywood Films? Disney was the producer ultimately of Summer of Sam weren't they?

And I think PINHEAD would be just what the kiddies need to see in Disneyland - when they tire of Mickey and Co.