Friday, March 11, 2005

Ringing endorsement


John Rogers'excellent site just linked to mine and he gave me a hearty endorsement. If you don't know who John is, then you haven't been watching movies lately have you?

Thanks John! Now I really have to work at this thing to deliver the kind of Disc/ontent you guys deserve. No rest for this pulp writer.

More coffee, please.

And as John puts it, I write/produce/market those movies. Yeah, those movies that make hundreds of millions a year for the distributors (notice I didn't say producers). Lurid titles and artwork that somehow stick in your brain so that you have to have it when you go to your local BB or Mom & Pop videostore.

Yes, please fill it to the top.

So filmmakers, writers and/or would-be movie moguls think about this for next time:

What's so important about a title anyway?

Yes, cream and sugar too. I have a lot of work to do.

Stay tuned

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