Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stick a fork in me!


A great feeling Done. Accomplished. Achieved.

I'm talking of course, about the creature feature I just finished for the boys at Kinetic Filmworks. It's a fun piece that I still can't tell you the title of yet, because they haven't cleared it. I'll spill the guts when I can.

So, what's next? The superhero feature that I'm writing on spec, but that I have some DVD interest in.

I've also been taking some pitch meetings for projects I have an option on. Some interest, but not enough yet to pay the rent.

Also doing a lot of PR work lately - articles for clients, story pitches (which is a lot easier in the journalism world than the movie world). Lots of quick emails and the story gets placed in several venues really quickly - a response within a week's time. It takes months to get a yes or no from those movie or live event folks.

Also, have to spend some time looking for a new apartment...maybe I should move that to the top of the list.

Never a dull moment for the pulp screenwriter/producer, eh?

Just the way I like it.

Next time: I'm gonna revive the pulps - my way!

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