Monday, July 11, 2005

DVD Exclusive

Interesting article in this month's DVD Exclusive magazine.

These are some of the numbers being thrown around for the studios' bigger budgeted DVD Premieres.

Stay tuned as bigger names become involved in the D2DVD world...

I'm going back to writing that Velvet Steamroller script. Just taking a short break.

(OW! Yes David, I'm back at my desk writing. Baaad Toad. Bad Toad)


Joey Fidler said... has a link to about several straight to DVD sequels of theatrical films such as American Pie 4 and Men in Black: Maury Island.

Bill Cunningham said...

Interesting article. I've met some of the people involved in some of these D2DVD sequels. Sequels are a natural for DVD. Dracula 3 is out this week and was originally made back to back with the 1st D2DVD sequel.

You will see announcements coming out of Comic Con this week about some new D2DVD's...