Thursday, July 28, 2005

Simpler Times...

So here's something for all you comic book completists out there, my first comic book credit ever: Adventure Comics #488. DC Comics got a cool six-inch character I created called "The Pixie" (the second photo from the left) , and I got a t-shirt. I, of course, being new to the comic biz, signed away all my rights to the character. I still have the shirt.

It was worth it because Carmine Infantino drew the artwork. If you don't know who he is - google him and then get down on your knees in praise.

So I'm really latching onto this "simplicity" concept when it comes to writing and rewriting. The whole idea is generating all sorts of ideas and protocols for writing and developing pulp movies. I'm also finding examples all over the media about the use of simplicity:

- Bruce Timm developed his style of drawing based on the need for animation to flow properly, and to be consistent.

- Modern architecture is all about simplicity and open spaces ("Great rooms") which allow the occupant to stylize their abode with a minimum of effort.

- Advertising is all about selling one clear key concept and making it memorable.

- The look of Film Noir came from the low budget lighting plans that John Alton devised to make sure he could meet the short shooting schedules imposed on him by the studio. He needed to create the illusion of depth and complexity simply.

So "simple" in this case means: clear, concise and memorable. No more and no less.

Sounds like pulp screenwriting to me...


Robby Reed said...

Interesting piece, and I forgive you for taking part in the "rogue" DIAL H for HERO book, which of course could not compare to MY glorious exploits in House of Mystery!

Simply yours,
Robby Reed

Bill Cunningham said...

I was young, dumb and full of...uh, never mind.

Though I do like that "rogue" moniker...