Thursday, September 29, 2005


I am watching the news wondering if this end of the country is going up in smoke. I'm fine and the Secret Mountain HQ seems pretty damn impervious. We have a 20' area around the fortress which is a really good firebreak. Plenty of sprinklers around the property and several means of egress.

But looking northwest into the hills we see smoke so ...

We'll be keeping an eye on the tube tonight.

We already have an earthquake / disaster kit down in the Lab. Bags packed with a couple of days worth of comfortable clothes. Canned goods and water at the ready. Hey, we live in earthquake and fire country ya know?

For those of you who have been told to evacuate - get the hell out! Don't think you are mightier than fire, or that you know better than the Fire Department. It's just "stuff" - it's not worth your life. The Firemen are doing one hell of a job, but they can't do it all. You and I have to help. We have to cooperate. We have to lend a hand.

Stay tuned.

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