Monday, September 26, 2005

Mondays are Always Like This...

Lots of stuff needs to be done and I have sand in my mental gears. Where does one start?

A spec I wrote waaaay back in the day has received some interest from a production company. That has me excited on a couple of levels:

1. I had written it off as a lesson learned.
2. Even if they don't want to option or produce it, they want to see more from me (always nice to hear).
3. This company has a good track record - they get movies made.

I'll file this one under "To Be Continued."

I'm not overly enthusiastic about this season's TV offerings. The only standout for me has been Prison Break, which continues to schedule my Monday nights for me. The others haven't struck that chord with me that says, "watch me."
The last time I felt that was Battlestar: Galactica, which has gone on hiatus. I have to say they have ended on a high note though, and there are a lot of threads left dangling in the air - the carrot that will get me back in January.

I received a few things in my email box this weekend which have inspired a post. I am working on it in between the paying work.

I'm planning on travelling to the east coast (South carolina) at the end of October - to see the folks and go to my 20th College Reunion! God, I am old. It will be interesting to see people who knew me back then and always wondered where I would end up. The fact I have a California address is going to freak some of them out, and when I tell them what I do for a living they will give me that quizzical stare, and that polite nod that says, "I have absolutely no frame of reference for this."

Okay, Prison Break is on. Gotta go.

Stay tuned.


American Knight said...

Congrats on the script wheelin' and dealin', hope they enjoy more of your work.

As for the TV bit, I've already got way too many shows to watch to add another this season and I feel the same way, nothing is really sparking my interest.

Bill Cunningham said...

Thank you, and congrats on your script Blood Bond moving forward.

writergurl said...

Bill, love the picture. Is this the Nun's version of a dunce cap?

Bill Cunningham said...

Just an example of how they were trying to suck the "pulpy goodness" from my brain - even at an early age...