Friday, September 09, 2005

The Long and Winding Road...

Well, it's been a long one today. After my embolism over this whole Michael Brown affair we find that the administration is removing him from the FEMA office.

Done. Next!

Now we have to make sure that an independent inquiry is done in the whole Katrina fiasco and not a Bush led whitewash. Government should never investigate itself. Leave it to the people who have no stake in the final outcome.

Wrote some for a client this morning. Great stuff coming up with one-liners and factoids for their DVD, which will be out sometime later this year / early next year. I'll let you know the title when it comes out.

Also worked on THE SKULL which is good because I pitched the idea to a director and he wants to read it.

Still waiting on the final word on THE SOUND.

As MSNBC was on in the Secret Mountain HQ this morning, I saw a lot of devastation footage which of course sent me to the notepad to jot down some story ideas. As sick as this is going to sound, I think I have a good horror movie coming out of all this material. Something big that I'm going to have to pitch. I'm still putting it together, but I've come up with a bunch of scenes that I'd like to see, and more keep coming.

A friend called the other day and wants me to dust off an old concept I wrote a treatment for several years ago. I took a look at it and it's my take on a hi-tech espionage thriller TV series. I originally wrote it in 2002, and I can see all its faults now. Amazing thing that hindsight. I'm going to have to polish and retitle it in the light of all the stuff that has come out since then: 24, THE BOURNE IDENTITY / SUPREMACY, GLOBAL FREQUENCY (which I still have not seen) and a lot of historical and technological data I've been ingesting about the origins of today's Intelligence Agency culture. The truth is far stranger than the fiction. I've also started watching a show called SPIES, which takes a group of folks through spy school. Rather insightful.

Tomorrow is a cleaning day here. Still lots of files to go through and the traditional "weeding out of the crap." I also have some letters to write, resume's to send out, and phone calls to make. Also have to get some groceries and haul them up the mountain.

It's Saturday, and the cartoons will be on, but I will be working.

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