Friday, September 09, 2005

Terrorists couldn't have done any better!

This audience knows I rarely get political on this blog. I usually leave that to better, more eloquent writers than myself. I am the "cheeseburger and fries" writer of the blogosphere. I stick to what I know well and leave the rest for other blogs to dissect.

But --

When I learn of the "behind-the-scenes" garbage that is going on nowadays, post-Katrina, I get really pissed off and have to give the "common man's" point of view. Take a look at this little bit of information below, and answer the question: How did this guy get his job?

Michael Brown is a poseur, a charlatan. He couldn't have screwed the American people any harder than he has if he were a terrorist mole.

The people who hired him? Fire them.
The people who investigated his background and confirmed him? Fire them.
The people at Homeland Security who dealt with this bozo and said nothing? Fire them too.

When, oh when are people in society going to understand that it is our duty as Americans to yell at the top of our lungs, "The Emperor has no clothes!"
I'm not talking about reporting on your neighbor because he/she likes to get naked and run around their house. I'm not talking about reporting your neighbor because they are a Catholic or Jew, or Muslim, or Libertarian, or Democrat, or Republican or even Communist! I'm not talking about reporting people because they happen to disagree with your point of view.

I'm talking about not being a party to doing the wrong thing. I'm talking about pointing out the flaws so they can be fixed. I'm talking about doing the right thing before someone gets hurt or killed.

People at a variety of levels in our society knew Michael Brown wasn't qualified to be in his position. They knew he lied on his resume'. They knew.

And they did nothing about it.

I'm pissed about Brown getting to his position, but I'm even more enraged at those people who sat back and let it go by. They are the real criminals here. They allowed a man who was not qualified to send a memo the day before Katrina to ask for help from Homeland Security. People and resources should have been on alert and in place four days prior to landfall, and this guy was politely asking for help only a day before.

He was not prepared, not qualified, and yet responsible to the people. He has continued his inept behavior throughout this disaster by witholding resources from companies (Wal-Mart and others), other municipalities (several towns sent equipment to help, but were held back) and churches (again held back from delivering water and canned goods) as well as firefighters from around the world (who in a brilliant bit of solidarity refused to wear their FEMA t-shirts lest they be marked as the 'enemy').

I am looking forward to reading the complete TIME magazine investigation to find out who needs to be removed from office in our next election (or before).

Remember voters, the government is in your employ. Act accordingly.


John Donald Carlucci said...

His mistakes led to the additional deaths of citizens during this crisis - I feel he should be held legally responsible for his actions.


Curt said...

Of course, Bill (and JDC), all I can say is AMEN!!

The Furnace said...

It's nice to have someone who can just tell it like it is - thanks. What's scary is that Brown was so completely incompetent in one of the most important jobs in our country, especially after 9/11, it begs the question: Who else is in power in this government? Are any of them qualified? So many of these politicians from all of the parties don't have nearly as much experience as we'd like to think - starting at the top. It's no wonder that other things like the war in Iraq are going so terribly - just look who's in charge of putting people in charge.