Sunday, November 06, 2005

Coming Attractions:

As promised, here's a small list of some of the movies that will probably debut on cable and DVD in the future. As I go through my copies of BUSINESS OF FILM, SCREEN INTERNATIONAL, VARIETY and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, I'm going to point out various films of interest. There's a lot of material here to study and make projections for 2006.

Shochiku Films from Japan has HORROR THEATER coming out which is six hourlong episodes from various Japanese directors of horror.

Tube Entertainment from Korea has a new horror flick out called CELLO featuring a young woman beside a tied up cello case which drips blood from the inside.

Media Asia has the new Johnny To film EXILED in pre-production which features HK actor Anthony Wong. They are also releasing INITIAL D - the live action film from the japanese manga and anime series.

Horizon Entertainment has two new installments from the TOMIE series (which I worked on when it debuted on DVD here in the states) - TOMIE: BEGINNING and TOMIE: REVENGE.

My friends over at Fabrication Films have CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN coming out starring Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart. I saw an early cut of the film and it is great. It will win awards and get a limited theatrical release. It was shot digitally in a new "dual-screen" format (not exactly split screen).

Mandarin Films has an adaption of a Chinese manga (mahn-wa) DRAGON TIGER GATE.

(Note: The Koreans and Asia in general are out in full force at this AFM. Lots of product. Lots of horror product)

Roger Corman's New Concorde-New Horizons has CRY OF THE WINGED SERPENT (from our friend Jim Wynorski) and BLOODFIST 2050 (but not starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson)


Hollywood Wizard (where do they get these names?) has HORRORS OF WAR, MY DEMON WITHIN, THE SURVIVOR, XENY: SPACE WARRIOR, PREMONITIONS and CIRCUS ISLAND (featuring Audrey and Judy Landers) .

Cine Excel has two D2DVD winners with THE ABOMINABLE and AXEGRINDER (based on a true story!). Both are truly cheesy pieces of art.

There will be more posts later, but I would like all of you to think about one thing:

Have any of you heard of these companies before? (well, we've all heard of Roger Corman, but seriously, have you?) There are people in the motion picture industry who work steadily and make a living - and never, ever work for the studios. In fact, speaking in terms of sheer volume of sales, more business is done outside the studio system than within it...

And those companies need good, marketable films. Check out the links in this post and see what I'm talking about.

I'm saying this to let you know there are more opportunities out there than you think, and just because the studios don't want your film or script, doesn't mean you can't sell it or produce it. Film isn't limited to just the studios. Film is international, and the key to breaking in is persistence, knowledge and talent. Don't limit yourself.

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