Monday, November 07, 2005


Been working my brain to the bone...

Finished 2nd draft of The Skull today. Ninety-three pages of pure pulp. Five locations. Lots of weirdness. It's one of those stories that's simple, yet told with it's own unique style that once you accept you really get into. It has a lot of the same visual grammar as anime or manga, which will not be especially easy to pull off at this script's budget level.

Aw well, anyone with money can do it - it takes genius to pull it off for no money.

I have another post coming up on delivery items, don't I ?
All right, back to work.

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John Donald Carlucci said...

Is there a chance you will put some of The Skull up here (or I could convince you to send it my way)?

I'm dying to see what the Skull is all about.