Monday, November 14, 2005


AOL and Warners announced their new internet television streaming venture In2TV

What's really interesting is the following quote from the article:

There's no guarantee consumers will go for it. Decades-old shows such as "Chico and the Man," "Alice," "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and "Eight is Enough" may not prove to be big draws among younger people.

"A lot of people might latch on to these shows that didn't see them for the first go-round," said Craig Leddy, analyst for research firm Points North Group. "But how do you grow this beyond a novelty?"

You do that by providing new programming as well, dummy!

How studios could not be contacting their own low-budget / indie divisions and saying, "Make us some new, exciting, different type of programming to go along with this new, exciting, different type of channel," is beyond me. Use this outlet as a testing ground for eventual broadcast! Tell everyone, "We're not giving you a lot of money, but we are giving you control," and then see what happens. It worked wonders for the Cartoon Network which developed Dexter's Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls using the same model.

Think outside your colon, guys!


Jeff O'Brien said...

That new programming is likely to be "Chico and the Woman," an urban version of "Alice" a PC show called "Superperson" and "Nine is Enough" with bad hair kid Nicholas all grown up and with an adopted multi-ethnic brood of his own.

Sorry, feeling snarky at the moment... the whiff of colon is very, very strong

Bill Cunningham said...

Here's another idea for the comedy area on In2TV - "Bad TV". Take old shows they own the rights to and redub them using an improv comedy troupe.

If any of you types know people over at AOL or Time-Warner/Warner Bros. let them know that if they stay with the "old and stale" programming they have outlined in the press release, people will eventually walk away. If they see something fresh and new and cutting edge that "they can't get anywhere else" they'll "tune in".

How about "TV Pilot Playhouse? Something we discussed earlier on this blog (or maybe I posted it on someone else's blog?)

I just hate to see a good opportunity go to waste. Especially if we can get cool new programming online, then later get it on DVD and cable.

Bill Cunningham said...

And yes, I realize they are just repurposing content they already own and doing this on the cheap. On the surface it SEEMS smart...

BUT --

Without new content, without some spice to the proceedings, the studios will get to an area where the law of diminishing returns takes effect. That, thanks to technology, will happen sooner rather than later. This will be especially important as the In2TV channel is advertising driven.

In2TV will need stunts to drive traffic to the site, and thus raise ad dollars.