Monday, November 14, 2005

Post Expo Scribosphere Gathering

Well, last night was the big event at the Figueroa Hotel and your favorite pulpster went out on the town to meet and greet his fellow scribes.

The veranda bar was quite nice and the whole of downtown LA was far cleaner than I expected: Well lit, no trash, no smells.

To all of you - Warren, Fun Joel, John, Awful Writer, Trish, Andie, Kira, Shawna, Rose (aka Writergurl who didn't hang long enough to let me buy her a drink), Matt, Josh (who I didn't get a chance to really talk to, but want to talk further), Sarah and whomever else was there that I'm forgetting:


I had a good time and it was good to get away from the desk, have a few drinks and relax.

Warren has plenty of pics on his site here.

(Yes gentlemen, the girls are as cute as they appear in the photos! Cuter even.)


Mr. Bill
Your bald new voice in evidenced by the pictures!


writergurl said...

Bill, sorry about leaving so quickly, but I had to go pitch a story. Maybe next time! Great meeting you and the rest of the gang!

Neal Romanek said...

Nice to meet you at the Fig, Bill (you too, Writergurl).

See you in the trenches!