Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Upcoming Reading By One Of Our Own:

FEEDBACK LA Writer's Group
cordially invites you
to a reading of

by Elisabeth Fies

GENRE: Teen Chick Spaghetti Western, Ultra-violent
Tarantino and Rodriguez meet "Blue Crush" and Gloria Steinem.

When FOUR TEENAGE GIRLS cut school to surf in Baja, their dangerously naive sexuality lands them in danger. After hooking up with a van of Christian boys, one of them disappears. The raucous journey to find her takes the girls deep into the underbelly of the Skin Industry, where they must brutally battle Federales and the Mob to save their childhood friend and free all the enslaved girls.

ELISABETH FIES is…”Kid Sis”, as seen on CNN in the Eisner-winning book “Mom’s Cancer”. For dozens of industry blurbs about her writing, visit the popular blog http://www.kidsisinhollywood.com/.

"Congratulations on your amazing site -- from the deepest emotions to the pop culture that cheers us up." - Andrew Jackson, director, The Discontents

Wednesday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m.

The Sacred Fools Theater
660 N. Heliotrope (just south of Melrose)
Hollywood 90004

Parking free in open lot next to building



Kid Sis said...


Use THAT as a blurb. "Says Kid Sis as Seen on CNN."

CD said...

Man. Forget the reading. That sounds like a fun movie.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

That's great! Been following her blog for awhile. Need to pop over and give congrats.

Kira said...

Sounds fab! Alas I'll be out of town at the Game Developers Conference. Next time...

Warren said...

Jesus, that sounds awesome! Love the poster as well.

Ouimet said...

Did you draw that picture, Bill? It's been my wallpaper for a week. I love it!

Bill Cunningham said...

Oh, Ouimet, I wish I could take credit for it, but it is the work of the maestro of animated simplicity Mr. Bruce Timm. I liked the image, so I cleaned it up and added text and tagline (for Kid Sis) for her project Pistoleras (which I'm going to see wed. nite).

I just checked out your blog and you seem to be the go-to person for info on the whole Canuck TV broohaha we've been discussing here and over at Denis' place. Would love to have your perspective here at DISContent.

Ouimet said...

Ah yes, I was meaning to comment on that discussion, which is how I ended up on your site in the first place. But I was distracted by the drawing and never got around to it.

I will post something shortly.

And thanks for turning me on to Bruce Timm.