Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Going to Pick Your Brains....

I have been offered the opportunity for fame and fortune (Shelly's words not mine) by writing an article for an upcoming issue of Scr(i)pt magazine after you folks graciously responded to our panel on DVD Extras.

So before I begin this massive undertaking - the overall subject of which will be writing for the DVD market - are there any questions on your mind that you want me to answer in this article?

Any specific how-to's? (titles, outlines, concepts, etc...)
Rules? (How many locations? How many roles?)
Experiences? (No sleep in two days and tonight we set a man on fire!)
What if scenarios? (what if it gets made?)

I have a good idea how I'm going to structure the article, I just want to make sure I'm communicating what you need to hear.


Chopped Nuts said...

You've touched on the subject here on your blog, but it can never hurt to have more info on how to find production companies who will look at your scripts/pitches.

RogerRmjet said...

Congrats on the new gig, Bill! Maybe they'll make you a regular columnist. I sure look forward to reading it.

Perhaps something about dos and don'ts relating to genre. What types of scripts generally do well in the D2DVD market? What should you avoid doing? What are some myths about the D2DVD market?

Dave Fogerson said...

Make an effort to get across the concept that you use as the subhead to your blog ... DVD is "the only market in Hollywood that's profitable."

By being a D2DVD writer, you are not "slumming."

Fun Joel said...

For me I'd say three things:

1. best genres/styles for the D2DVD market
2. what is different, if anything, from writing for the theatrical market
3. how best to reach potential buyers (as daniel asked as well)

Grubber said...

I think you need more than one article to cover it properly. You could easily break it up into those sections mentioned and incorporate some of the suggestions here.

CD said...

Bill --

Congrats. Script is one of my favorite magazines.

* * *

What would probably be interesting is

A) A peek behind the scenes at what goes into making a DVD title (something you've done a bit on your blog). What you can expect to get paid, for example.

B) Examples of successful DVD movies and why they work (great cover, marketable concept, etc.)

C) Marketing, legal issues, etc. You probably don't need an agent to sell a script to a lot of DVD producers (I learned this from Bill Martell, who I believe, doesn't have an agent but has still sold a bunch of scripts.) But what else do you need to know to protect yourself?

Piers said...

It's all about the market.

So I'd like to see information on
- where do I find D2DVD producers?
- what special considerations are there for D2DVD writing?
- are there any differences in contracts/rights/money?