Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From the Trades...

-- Apparently it was a somber affair last night for United 93 at Tribeca. Sobbing was heard after the screen went dark. Families of the passengers on the hijacked flight (I will not call them victims - they went down fighting) "expressed satisfaction" with the picture and the respectful promotion by distributor, Universal.

-- Will Smith has signed on for I Am Legend based on the Richard Matheson book. This will be the third time this movie has been made. The first being Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price, and the second being The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston. It was almost made ten years ago with Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Ridley Scott.

-- SciFi Channel has greenlit several new mini-series including Motel Man and Snap. They are using the mini-series model pioneered by The 4400 - 6 episode mini series followed by a DVD release and foreign sales. If interest is high enough they continue with an ongoing series. This is a business model we've talked about before on this (and other) blogs.


Grubber said...

I loved The Omega Man!!!!

I don't mind remakes if they add something to it. I enjoy Will Smith's style so I think it could be well done. Actually happier that Arnie isn't going to do it. Will can make with dem wise cracks, and go blasting the living dead. All will be good in the world....except for most of the population being whiped out. But you get that on the big jobs.

CD said...

If any one hasn't read it, it's worth heading over to Simply Scripts or whatever and tracking down Mark Prostoveich (I'm butchering the spelling I know) version of I Am Legend. It's a terrific read.

Will Smith is a slightly odd choice (other than his marketability) in that the main character is so haunted and grim -- two characteristics you don't associate with Smith. And I like Will Smith but I think sometimes his personality clashes with the material -- IMHO.

Grubber said...

I hear what you're saying CD, but I think, and this is purely a guess, he will play it more like his character in iRobot than say Bad Boys (or Fresh Prince of Bel Air for that matter either :) )

I think if the script doesn't go too "Bad Boys"(which I did enjoy) I think it could be quite a good remake.

Heston was anguished and grim, but WS has proven he can act (Ali), given the chance.

RogerRmjet said...

"I will not call them victims - they went down fighting."

Now there's a line worth quoting, Bill. Bravo!

John Donald Carlucci said...

I am both versions (three different copies of Last man) and I am very sickened by this crap casting. I'll keep to my dvds (Heston in the white Prince shirt rocked - heh).