Thursday, April 27, 2006

This Is What Those SciFi Original Movies Pay For:

From Cynopsis:

The SCI FI Channel has unveiled a full development slate of original programming. In addition, SCI FI will launch its new online broadband channel, SCI FI Pulse on May 8. Pulse will feature complete episodes of select SCI FI original series, original movies, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes and more. Over the summer, Pulse will premiere its original content including a weekly news show, the return of the online film festival Exposure, webisode spinoffs of popular series, and user-generated programming.

The scripted series currently in development include:

Caprica – set 50 years before the events in Battlestar Galactica, the people of this society are dealing with a technology breakthrough that marries artificial intelligence with a mechanical body to create the first living robot, a Cylon.

Snap – a one-hour thriller about a Federal agent who uncovers a deep, growing conspiracy about the internet infiltrating every aspect of our lives manipulating humans toward some large unknown agenda.

Persons Unknown – several strangers find themselves in a deserted town with no recollection on how they arrived there with no escape.

The Bishop – a young slacker leading a charmed life discovers he has a supernatural power rooted in his lineage and his unknown father.

Blink – A group of Afterlife investigators try to help those about to make a terrible choice before their destiny is sealed forever.


Chariots of the Gods – six-hour miniseries based on the novel by Erich von Daniken, Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Da Vinci Code in this tale of extraterrestrial intervention of human evolution.

Reality Series:

Destination Truth – one man's search for the truth of the unexplained travels the globe. Each week host Josh Gates will visit a different mysterious destination, such as Fire Worm of Mongolia or he may be on domestic soil in search of Big Foot.

Late Night Series:

Ground Control – half-hour, news/talk show explores human interest and news stories relating to the world of science fiction and the unexplained, the paranormal and the supernatural.

Untitled Ministry of Unknown Science Sketch Comedy Series – a magazine show format that features mockumentary segments, commercial parodies and other comedy


sean witzke said...

The Bishop?
"Don't say the last line vic!"

Rock said...

I'd heard late least year from a Sci Fi friend that they were going to relese one of their best slates this year. And, gotta be honest, for the most part, this looks to be a lot of TV I'm going to be watching... or at least tivo'ng.

Piers said...

I saw a Ministry of Unknown Science performance a couple of years ago - they're good.

Christian Johnson said...

I couldn't believe some of the flak you were getting for defending the SciFi originals. I know they aren't all The Haunting (the original) or Star Wars, but some of them are a lot of fun.

Bill Cunningham said...

The SciFi Originals pay for themselves. They are "inexpensively" made and yet deliver quite a bit of production value. People watch them on tv and on DVD.

Did you know that MAMMOTH was mostly shot in Romania?