Wednesday, April 26, 2006

From the What NOT to do Department:

I read this in a screenplay today, and nearly choked:

We feel there's something heroic hiding inside him.
(This was written as part of a character's description)
If I see this from any of you, I WILL rip your script in half right then and there.


Dave Fogerson said...

Good God. "We feel..."

Was this from a seasoned screenwriter, or a novice? Sounds like a newbie mistake, but then again, a respected pro can get away with a lot more than someone trying to break in.

Also, I asked this before, but I am very curious. Have you found out if any of the screenplays from last year's logline contest have been sold/optioned?

Bill Cunningham said...

This is from someone who should know better - let's put it that way.

None of the scripts have been optioned to my knowledge. I do think one of them placed in a contest though I can't remember which one.

screamwriter said...

Point taken.

Scott the Reader said...

We feel that we just threw up in our mouths a little.

Aric Blue said...

When I used to do coverage for scripts I saw this kind of thing ALL the time.

And even more heinous stuff...

I once saw a script that had so much camera direction in it that--if you took it all out--the script would have been about 25 pages long.

I'm not exaggerating.