Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Conversation With Myself

Boy Genius: Television is the shorthand of life.

Me: I can't wait to hear this...

Boy Genius: It's true. Every situation has a corresponding episode of television that solves the problem.

Me: Elaborate please.

Boy Genius: That time your sister caught you in the bathroom, uh...relieving the tension of the day?

Me: I still have nightmares about it. If only she hadn't kept screaming.

Boy Genius: Father Knows Best. 2nd season. Episode 12.

Me: I am not 'Kitten.'

Boy Genius: And the time you took your Dad's car for a drive? Happy Days - "Ralph runs over Fonzie's bike."


Me: Damn.

Boy Genius: Exactly. You know TV, you know the secrets of the universe.

Me: Okay, so what grand bit of video gets us out of this mess?

Boy Genius: The very special episode of Blossom?


Grubber said...

Blossom? You guys must really be in the crapper.

Best of luck!

Bill Cunningham said...

Re: "In the crapper"

That would be, "That 70's Show."

RogerRmjet said...

Seinfeld. The most realistic show ever on television.

My son would vote for South Park. For every situation in life (and I mean EVERY), he can cite a corresponding South Park episode.

Chopped Nuts said...

Hmm... which show has an episode which would cure Mad Pulp Bastards of talking to themselves? :}

Grubber said...

I want to know where you use "The Greatest American Hero" a definite guilty pleasure for myself.

First there was pop psychology, now TV psychology.

If you jump the shark, does that mean you have crossed over into madness?