Friday, May 26, 2006

From out of the rows he comes...

ready to hack his way through Hollywood.

The SciFi Channel in their infinite wisdom is going to premiere Back -to- Back:

Thursday June 8th, 2006

7pm/ 6 Central

(Now if I could somehow get another paycheck out of it...)

Congratulations go out to everyone in the cast, crew, marketing and sales departments who made these movies happen. Special thanks go out to Jason White who originally came up with "The Scarecrow."

Let me repeat it for those who haven't been listening - DVD Premieres are the New Pulp and you can find them everywhere.

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Christian Johnson said...

I know that a lot of SciFi Originals have been coming out simultaneously on DVD. Will that be the case with these?

Also, is there a kind of Manly Wade Wellman vibe to the Scarecrow movies?