Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hey! What Are You Doing...

June 3rd through the 17th? How would you like to write a screenplay?
No foolin'.

From my mailbox:

Hi Bill,

Sorry to hassle you. Your site is one of my must reads. I find it really informative. I'm taking into account all your advice on writing a D2DVD movie for my next script which I will be writing for the 14 Day Screenplay. If you haven't heard of it before it is a competition in which we all try to write a screenplay in 14 days. It's great for new writers who have been procrastinating for years or are scared of the empty pages. We encourage each other and at the end we have a draft of a movie. The next one runs from the 3rd - 17th of June.

We have a website at http://www.14dayscreenplay.com and if you think your readers may be interested I'd appreciate a mention. I won't hassle you again.



Obviously this isn't a hassle as I'm posting your email right here. I'm all for people getting on their ass and writing a script. One thing that has held people back from writing is the idea that writing is some sort of mystic process that the gods confer onto certain mortals.


If it takes a contest to get you to sit at the computer and write - then enter a contest. If it takes a contest for you to realize you can write a screenplay at a rate of two hours a day for 14 days - then enter a contest. If it takes a contest for you to realize whether or not you are a writer - then enter the contest. Test your limits. Throw it on the page. Get it out of your system.
You have no more excuses. Make your choice and live with it.

Now excuse me, I have to get back to writing.


wcdixon said...

I realize its not really a competition and there aren't any prizes (this Write a Script in 14 Days thing), so is it basically a self-monitored challenge? Or is there some kind of 'checker' on the sign up link to make sure people are in fact writing it from scratch over the two weeks...since that seems to be the point, as opposed to coming to it with a rough draft or even an outline in hand and starting from there...just wondering...

Bill Cunningham said...

It doesn't say you can't come to it with an outline in hand. Having an outline isn't "cheating".

John Donald Carlucci said...

The prize is a script in 14 days.


Jeff O'Brien said...

Eventually they will wonder why it took them as much as two weeks to write a draft - great idea to get them going and I support Bill's support!

Matt Courtney said...

You can have an outline. I plan to have it completely outlined before I start, but often the hardest part is actually writing. Coming up with the story is the fun part, putting it on paper is a lot harder.

If more people start participating we will have to start having a checker, although since a movie is anywhere from 90 to 120 pages it is hard to stipulate a length.

Kristen said...

hey, thanks for the tip. by the way, at 9 p.m. tonight i have a review of the d2dvd flick "it waits" going live on my site. M80's "grassroots" marketing dept. sent me a freebie. i think i'm also in the queue to receive a dvd of "cemetery man".

stop on by! (to my typepad site, not the blogspot one this comment will send you to - there's a link-through when you get there)


Kristen said...

oh screw it, i lied. sometime i hate blogger.

here's the link:



Bill Cunningham said...

Cemetary Man rocks...Anchor Bay does a great job with that disc.

Kristen said...

yeah - cemetery man sounds like a good flick. i hope they still send it to me. they actually approached me to "promote" their film by letting banners fly on my site, but i'm not exactly a member of the .gif/banner demographic. i don't know a single blogger who "promotes" without money changing hands. reviews, on the other hand... but there's the rub. you can't count on anyone to give you a good review. just an honest one.