Friday, May 19, 2006

DVD Premieres Wait For No One

Kristen Havens of My Back Pages has a review of It Waits here.

Interesting, because she gives us her "prerequisites" for a DVD Premiere Movie. Make sure you don't follow these when writing your flick. I haven't seen this one yet, so I'm going to track it down and give you my thoughts.

I can tell you one thing:

I hate the title!

Just so no one forgets:

-- Here's two posts on titles. Here and here.

-- Here's my infamous set of guidelines for making a low budget DVD Premiere movie.

-- and of course, Marketing from the ground up.
Okay then, I'm off to The Lab for coffee.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

They might've done better by getting straight to the point of the film & calling it something like "Bloody Therapy" since it was all about a Park Ranger being attacked by a vengeance demon after killing her best friend in a drunk driving accident. Though frankly, the link between the 2 events seems to be completely lacking.

Maybe "How I Got Drunk, Killed My Best Friend and Slaughtered a Native American Vengeance Demon, All in One Week" might've worked well for the chick-lit crowd.